Little Inferno is a good game, and I enjoyed it... but does it really deserve to remain on the list ahead of Need for Speed: Most Wanted U or even New Super Mario Bros. U? I mean, the game really doesn't have much replay value at all after you've completed all the combos and watched the final cutscene. » 11/26/14 9:04am Wednesday 9:04am

Re: Diddy Kong, there are a few unsubstantiated rumors (or educated guesses) floating around that Nintendo is saving him for a revival of Diddy Kong Racing, which would supposedly include various other B-list Nintendo characters, such as Dillon, Rusty Slugger, Popo and Nana, etc. » 11/15/14 5:51am 11/15/14 5:51am

I'm working all weekend, but I finally got around to starting Bravely Default. I have to say, I am REALLY enjoying it so far. A lot of depth, tons of charm and humor, and a surprising amount of StreetPass / SpotPass / online features. And, of course, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS when I have a few minutes to kill. » 11/08/14 9:06am 11/08/14 9:06am