Hard to disagree with anyone. I have far, far more digital games than physical; 100 percent of my PC games were downloaded, and if I had to guess I'd say 85 percent of all my Wii / Wii U and 3DS games were eShop purchases. This is largely because I have a great affinity for classics (Virtual Console, PC Doom, Final… »8/18/13 7:26am8/18/13 7:26am

Nintendo’s Lost IP, Part 1: Arcade Classified

There have been many voices recently questioning Nintendo’s seemingly constant returning to the well of established franchises at the perceived expense of boldly introducing entirely-new characters, universes and gameplay. I was among them in the immediate aftermath of their E3 presentation. »6/23/13 5:36am6/23/13 5:36am

After E3: A Nintendo Fan's Lament

I’m an unapologetic but reasonable Nintendo fanboy. By this, I mean I love Nintendo games and consoles, and I have only owned Nintendo systems (every one, including Virtual Boy, except DS and GameCube); but I respect fans of other systems and am the first to admit the strengths of every platform. »6/16/13 1:38pm6/16/13 1:38pm

Nintendo and E3: Can the Wii U be Saved?

E3 is nearly upon us, and much has been said concerning the importance of this year’s event. Sony and Microsoft will be showing off their powerful new consoles, while Nintendo lurks in their shadows, pulling out much-anticipated and desperately needed software for its newest entry. It has been suggested the future… »6/02/13 7:08pm6/02/13 7:08pm